Consultancy for evaluation of impact mitigation, community engagement, and corporate social responsibility

Project Time :

The overall objective of the assignment is to undertake an evaluation of impact mitigation, community engagements and CSR of the mitigation measures put in place by China National Offshore Oil Corporation Uganda Ltd (CUL) to minimize health and any other associated impacts of oil and gas activities for host communities around Kingfisher development area.

In September 2013, CUL was awarded the first oil production license to commence the development of Kingfisher oil field within EA 3A. For the last three years, CUL has been engaged in various oil production activities with anticipated environmental and social impacts. To address the anticipated impacts CUL has been supporting the implementation of various initiatives as part of Corporate Social Responsibility and mitigation efforts to minimize the impacts of Oil and Gas activities in the area of operation. In addition, on a quarterly basis, the CUL engaged various stakeholders in Bunyoro Region with particular emphasis in Hoima and Kyangwali where there is a footprint of the activities.

The implementation of the mitigation projects is in line with IFC Performance Standards on stakeholder engagement, community health, and safety which encourage companies to avoid or minimize health and any other associated impacts for host communities. CUL put in place mitigation measures to contain anticipated impacts as identified during the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) process. At the same time, the company invested socially in the host communities to promote a win-win situation and also obtain support from the communities to ensure there is a social license to operate.

The impact mitigation projects that CUL implemented included HIV sensitization for the communities in Kyangwali and Ntoroko Districts; road safety awareness campaigns for communities situated along the roads from Hoima town to Buhuka; financial literacy skills training for Project Affected Peoples (PAPs) who received compensation; and environmental awareness and tree planting project implemented in Kyangwali, Buseruka and Kabwoya Sub Counties in Hoima District.

The project is expected to contribute to a number of objectives i.e.

  • To improve the effectiveness and performance of CUL CSR department projects
  • To provide information that will guide decisions on resource allocations for upcoming projects
  • To provide information to revise and plan new strategies
  • To guide on decisions of whether to abandon programs, strategies or objectives that are not working
  • To determine when consideration should be given to graduating or exiting programs.
  • Documented impact of assistance and share and use lessons learned
  • To help develop shared visions, common understanding of successful approaches and plan more effectively for the future with our stakeholders and host community