Provision of Consultancy services in wetland vulnerability analysis tool and methodology

Project Time : 3 months

The aim of Wetlands vulnerability analysis was to identify major challenges encountering wetlands in the region. This was being achieved by using improved earth observation datasets and improving the methodology that develops wetlands vulnerability analysis through GIS modeling and analysis.

The information products developed are to support policy innervation at a regional and national level to support efforts towards wetlands monitoring and mitigation.

Specific objective  of the consultancy service was to develop EO based methodology of wetlands monitoring analysis in relation to the multi temporal data processing for the service area of wetlands Monitoring and Assessment.

Consultancy Expected  Outputs

  • Developing Methodology using EOs processing tools
  • Developing a prototype model for the wetland’s vulnerability analysis
  • Training of GMES staff
  • Organizing a workshop and presenting the approaches and results


The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development