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We work with a number of specialized personel in the field of GIS and Environemntal consultancy

At ESIPPS, each of our Associates is vital to our work's success, and as such, each is given ample opportunity to make a difference.

ESIPPS Associate Dr Jane Bemigisha

Dr Jane Bemigisha

Lead Associate / Environmental information, planning and policy specialist

ESIPPS Associate Emmanuel Akampulira

Emmanuel Akampulira


ESIPPS Associate Elijah Cheruiyot

Elijah Cheruiyot

Hypersectral Remote Sensing and Geospatial expert focusing on UAV technology

ESIPPS Associate Dianah Nakubulwa

Dianah Nakubulwa

Dianah Nakubulwa

ESIPPS Associate Simon Lubega

Simon Lubega

MSc. Environmental & Energy Management; BSc. Environmental Science Technology and Management.

ESIPPS Associate Amos Turyatemba

Amos Turyatemba

Development Socialogist

ESIPPS Associate Brian Karugaba

Brian Karugaba

Environment/Conservation Biologist

ESIPPS Associate Badru Mugerwa

Badru Mugerwa

Biodiversity, conservation and ecology

ESIPPS Associate Joseph Mukasa Ngubwagye

Joseph Mukasa Ngubwagye

GIS/Natural Resources

ESIPPS Associate Dr. Henry Massa Makuma

Dr. Henry Massa Makuma

Environmental scientist / GIS specialist

ESIPPS Associate John Ayongyera Begumana

John Ayongyera Begumana

Associate Director. Geo Information/Forestry & Climate

ESIPPS Associate Torsten Mandal

Torsten Mandal


ESIPPS Associate Eunice M. Nyiramahoro Duli

Eunice M. Nyiramahoro Duli

Associate Director. Social Economic Environment/Conservation

ESIPPS Associate Dr Paul M Nampala

Dr Paul M Nampala

Agricultural scientist

ESIPPS Associate Albert Asiimwe Mwebaze

Albert Asiimwe Mwebaze

Health, Safety & Environment specialist

ESIPPS Associate Joel Wenyira

Joel Wenyira

M&E Specialist

ESIPPS Associate Charles Peter Apunyo

Charles Peter Apunyo


ESIPPS Associate Pauline Namutebi

Pauline Namutebi

Environmental engineer /Climate Mitigation expert