Utilizing Earth Observation for Rangeland Seasonal Monitoring, Early Warning and Assessment in East Africa.

Project Time : October 08 2020 - January 08 2020.

The objective of the assignment is to develop a rangeland seasonal monitoring, early warning  and assessment system using EO data in the East African region.

Scope of work 

  1. Using free available EO data in the e-Station or other sources to develop indicators for  monitoring and assessing rangeland conditions

To develop methods for forecasting rangeland conditions

  1. To develop a functional online model application tool for monitoring, predicting  rangeland conditions

iii. Develop training/user manuals based on the approved methodology with different case  studies in region


  • Methodology for rangeland monitoring and assessment using EO data  • Functional rangeland early warning system
  • EA rangeland masks and types
  • User manual which details the steps required to develop/use the developed application  • Consultancy reports (workplan, inception and final)


3 months starting October 08 2020 and ending January 08 2020.