Charles Peter Apunyo

May 11, 2020

Mr. Apunyo Peter Charles’ areas of expertise include crop agronomy, land and soil mapping, land use and environmental impact assessment, soil fertility management, pest identification, and disease management.
In 2014, Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Land Use and Management (First Class
Honors) of Makerere University Kampala. In 2020, I also graduated with a Master of Science in Crop Science at Makerere University. For Masters, I conducted research on Phenotypic Diversity of Sorghum on farmers’ fields in Northern and Eastern Uganda.He is a person who believes in the equality of justice for all, but also has a profound enthusiasm for Agriculture since it is very crucial for the continuity of human life on earth and with increasing population globally this, therefore, calls for sustainable use of resources for increased food production. As trained personnel, he has been offering advisory services to farmers through training on better farming practices like crop rotation, intercropping and pest and disease control among others. Immediately after graduation, Peter was attached in groundnut department as a
research assistant in NaSARRI-Serere where together with other scientists; they collectively carried out research in areas of breeding, disease resistance, agronomic practices, and soil fertility management.He has also worked in PEAS-Uganda, Makerere University, Busitema University as a teaching assistant, Bioversity international as a consultant and International Potato Center as an agronomist.
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