Analysis of relations between land cover and climate change for the Districts

May 11, 2020

ESIPPS international has been involved in research activities that require the use of remote sensing data and the use of GIS. We have worked with different institutions to advocate and promote the use of GIS in many applications of resource and environmental management. Below is some of the work ESIPPS has been involved in;

  • To assess changes in area extent (ha) of each land-cover type during the past 30 years
  • To establish the relationship between changes in land-cover area and changes in climatic variables (rainfall and temperature) over the last 30 years
  • Recommend land cover/ land use adaptation strategies

From this study a number of conclusions were made;
i) Land-cover types and their changes in area extent (ha) and relation to variability in climatic variables (rainfall and temperature.Changes in spatial patterns and area (ha) of land cover types in Soroti and Pallisa have mostly revolved around the water levels. These can be directly related to climate variables, especially rainfall. Since land cover is often a function of land use, land use management practices that affect land cover may be applied to increase the resilience of vulnerable water and wetland ecological systems and facilitate climate adaptation.

ii) Using satellite imagery in assessing trends in land cover and climate. Mapping and monitoring of land cover for prediction, preparedness and response to climate especially events of flooding and drought can best be done by use of remote sensed satellite imagery. This is because of the timeliness and advantage of temporal information from earlier taken images, especially the TM which have been fairly continuous for at least the last 30 years.

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